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DATE: June 10, 2017
PLACE: Pioneer Pavilion, Lady Bird Park, Fredericksburg, Texas.
CHAIRPERSONS: Katie Kothmann Haby and Karla Kothmann Radicke
ATTENDANCE: Approximately 250
MEAL: During a break in the Business Meeting a BarBQ lunch (catered by Eli Kuhlmann) was enjoyed by all. A variety of deserts were provided by family members. A devotional prayer lead by Riley Kothmann blessed the food and opened the meeting.

Riley Kothmann called the meeting to order at approximately 12:30 p.m. During a moment of silence, Riley Kothmann read the names of the deceased descendants since the date of the last reunion.
The meeting entered a recess at 12:45 pm to allow participants to enjoy the BarBQ meal. The recess was completed at approximately 1:30 pm and the Business Meeting resumed.
Dora Wright gave an interesting presentation on a recent trip to Germany during which the homestead of Heinrich Kothmann was visited. At some point this presentation may be available on YouTube.
Riley reviewed minutes of the prior reunion and they were approved. Also a financial report was made by Riley. Current Reunion Fund bank balance is $3,159.53. The bank balance for the Kothmann Cemetery Fund is $1,319.47, unchanged since the last reunion. The current balance in the Kothmann Book bank account is $9,872.72, with $69,022 in income and $63,394 in expenses since the last reunion.

Cemetery Activities - Jerry Butler continues to maintain the Kothmann cemetery site in Art, TX. He received special recognition and thanks for his efforts in this regard. We continue to place wreaths at the cemetery at Christmas time.
Book Committee - there were 1000 copies of the new Kothmann Book edition printed and 818 copies have been sold up to the reunion time. Currently there are 4351 descendants and 3551 still living (including spouses. Not as great a percentage with the Kothmann name today as in the past and fewer Kothmann males in later generations to carry on Kothmann name. One issue to deal with in the future is how best to transition from a book to a digital record of genealogy. Also how will we make money in the future to fund the upkeep of the data. And, as always, additional people resources will be needed to accomplish this. The Book committee was recognized for their ongoing efforts.

The rock wall at the cemetery in Art is falling down and needs some maintenance. Also some signs are needed to alert folks that climbing on the wall is dangerous. Philip Kothmann will coordinate.
There is an old barn in Germany at the Kothmann home site that needs to be addressed. Do we wish to preserve it and, if so, do we need to buy it and move it? Philip Kothmann will coordinate effort but may need some folks to help him.
The 50th Kothmann Reunion in 2019 will be chaired by Carol Faulkenberry and Connie Ludlum. Cards were handed out to solicit volunteers to help out. We plan to have the reunion at the Premier Ranch and lots of folks will be needed to make it a special reunion. Subcommittees will be needed for tents, tables, chairs, porta-potties, food (Eli has agreed to cook again - THANKS!), drinks, entertainment and photography.
Dora reviewed some ideas for the future of the Kothmann Book - on-line edition, computer discs, apps, etc. to take the place of the Book.
Riley requested that someone take over the Secretary/Treasurer position for the Kothmann Runion as he had performed those duties for 12 years. Edward (Ned) Samson agreed to take this over and he and Riley will make the transition happen.

Kathleen Kothmann, 95, was recognized as the oldest member present.
Emery Joseph Kothmann was the youngest member at 7 weeks.
Sue and Rick Laituri traveled farthest to attend.
The Awbrey Kothmann Family had the most family members present - 27.
The longest married couple Awbrey and LaVerne Kothmann.
The shortest time married went to Chase and Rachael Dowling.
Eli Kuhlman for cooking the BarBQ and providing it at cost to the reunion. Coni Kuhlmann for the wonderful bread.
Jim Kothmann for providing a handmade mesquite jewelry box to be raffled (Karen Kothmann Watford won the jewelry box.)
And, last but not least, Karla and Katie for chairing the reunion for the past two times.

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