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Minutes of the 2003 Reunion

June 14, 2003

The 41st Kothmann Family Reunion was held at Turner Hall in Fredericksburg, Texas on June 14, 2003. Approximately 135 attended.

Co-Chairperson Roy Kothmann called the meeting to order and Mortimer Kothmann opened the meeting with prayer. Joycelyn Carpenter, Secretary/Treasurer, read the minutes of the 40th Kothmann Family Reunion. Motion was made by Awbrey Kothmann and seconded by Dora Wright that the minutes be approved as read, and the motion carried.

The Book Committee Historical Report and Financial Report was given by Dora Wright. The Book Committee has $14,515.38 in checking, savings balance was transferred to checking, and the Kothmann Family Foundation Cemetery Fund has $540. Since the last reunion, reports received included 28 marriages, 43 births, no adoptions, 15 deaths, and 7 divorces. Currently there were 4261 members in the Kothmann family, 3413 living descendants, and 2900 direct descendants. There were still 9 generations of Kothmanns. Dora also mentioned the web page and how to get there: www.kothmannsoftexas.org. Dora also reported that we hopefully will have more information available on the web site. If anyone wants updates since last book, must let Dora know. Dora still has some 1951 books available.

John Howard Kothmann reported on his active committee working on suggested projects on the Kothmann cemetery at Art where Heinrich Conrad Kothmann and family members were buried. John passed out a survey sheet asking for input from the whole family about issues for consideration including fencing, the wall surrounding graves, stone options, financing, and expectations. After much discussion Kaddo Kothmann made a motion to make permanent improvements at the cemetery site and Ella Jordan seconded the motion. Motion carried. After more discussion, Mortimer Kothmann made a motion to build a fence and let the committee members decide the details; Carl Kothmann seconded the motion. The motion carried.

John asked for more volunteers for the committee. Allowing room for parking on the west side was also discussed.

Roy Kothmann recognized special attendees and they were presented with certificates: the oldest Kothmann and family member present was Andrew Kothmann, 92 years. David and Forrestine Kothmann were the longest married, 59 years; the youngest was Justin Ross Hepburn, almost 3 months, the most children award, Kessie Kothmann with 4, the most grandchildren award Awbrey and Laverne Kothmann with 5, and traveling the longest distance was Christina Creel from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The 2005 Kothmann Family Reunion will be held at Turner Hall the second Saturday of June; motion was made by David Kothmann and seconded by LuJay Keller and motion carried. Mortimer Kothmann and Herb Kothmann volunteered to be co-chairpersons and Gwen Gilbert and Sylvia Butler volunteered to serve as co-secretary/treasurers.

Stan Kothmann presented the need for a family owned PA system. Following some discussion, Jim Wright made a motion to rent one and Herb Kothmann seconded the motion. The motion carried.

The names of the reported deceased family members since the previous reunion were read by Dora Wright. The motion was made by Mortimer Kothmann and seconded by Roy Kothmann for the meeting to adjourn following the prayer. Mortimer Kothmann closed the meeting with a prayer and blessing of the food; the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Joycelyn Carpenter, Secretary/Treasurer

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